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SILICONE Gasket 340 Red 85g CRC

SILICONE Gasket 340 Red 85g CRC
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CRC Red RTV Gasket 340 is formulated for heavy duty, high temperature applications with an intermittent service temperature of up to 340ºC.

CRC Red RTV Gasket 340 is a self-forming room temperature vulcanizing Silicone that replaces almost any cut gasket, felt, cork, paper, asbestos and rubber gaskets. No gasket sealers are required – the pure silicone rubber forms to any size and shape quickly.

CRC Red RTV Gasket 340 resists migrating caused by thermal cycles, cracking, shrinking and vibration. It is ideal for high temperature, high pressure applications, it will remain flexible and durable.

CRC Red RTV Gasket 340 is NOT recommended for use on copper and brass. Do not use as a head gasket, not suitable for stove pipes or in fireplaces.

Features & Benefits

Intermittent service temperature of up to 340°C

Makes any size or shape of gasket in minutes

Ideal for high temperature high pressure applications

Replaces most gaskets

Remains flexible and durable

Easy to apply


General machinery and automotive gasketing

Valve rocker cover

Timing chain cover

Thermostat housing

Transmission pan

Side cover plate

Water outlet/inlet

Water pump cover gasket

Intake manifold

Oil pan corner seals

Differential cover

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