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CHAINSAW Craftop 450mm 18" Oregon Bar &Chain 2 Stroke 46cc Petrol BIL
-20 %
Craftop Chainsaw NT5260A sturdy machine for cutting and tree felling tasks. It works efficiently when trimming branches, cutting firewood or felling an entire tree. Designed to provide years of reliable performance. Built to stand up to the toughest jobs from demanding users.- St..
VT38,578 VT48,223
Ex Tax:VT33,546
CHAINSAW Husqvarna 125 Domestic 18" Bar &Chain #967 40.0cc BIL
-20 %
Brand: Husqvarna
Easy to start, easy to use yet surprisingly powerful basic chainsaw with 16” bar, ideal for occasional tasks such as cutting firewood, pruning and light forest clearing. Purge pump reduces the number of pulls needed to start the saw, while the compact saw body and low vibration makes working comfort..
VT49,531 VT61,914
Ex Tax:VT43,070
CHAINSAW Husqvarna 272XP 24" Bar &Chain #965 72.2cc BIL
-20 %
Brand: Husqvarna
This professional saw is designed for highly demanding conditions where efficiency is of prime importance. Based on professionally proven Husqvarna technology, it combines high power, low weight and rapid acceleration. Equipped with a three-piece crankshaft and magnesium crankcase, the 272 XP® ..
VT127,158 VT158,947
Ex Tax:VT110,572
CHAINSAW Husqvarna 288XP 28" Bar &Chain #965 87.0cc BIL
-20 %
Brand: Husqvarna
One of Husqvarna’s classic and reliable large professional saws. Even in this class, Husqvarna’s superior power/weight ratio and ergonomics are exceptional. Smart Start® makes this saw very easy to start with its large, powerful engine. The effective anti-vibration features make this saw exceptional..
VT141,040 VT176,300
Ex Tax:VT122,643
CHAINSAW Husqvarna 395XP 36" Bar &Chain #965 93.6cc BIL
-20 %
Brand: Husqvarna
Choose one of the world’s most capable and legendary chainsaws. The Husqvarna 395 XP® is built for professional loggers and foresters. Excellent balance and a rugged handle design make this large saw easy to operate – even with longer guide bars. The aggressive clutch can handle the chainsaw’s ..
VT229,273 VT286,592
Ex Tax:VT199,368
CHAINSAW Husqvarna 445II 18" Bar &Chain #967 45.7cc BIL CHAINSAW Husqvarna 445II 18" Bar &Chain #967 45.7cc BIL
-20 %
Brand: Husqvarna
Second generation powerful all-round saw for people who value professional qualities in a saw. Starts easily also with a slower pull, comes with flip-up tank caps.The X-Torq® engine means lower fuel consumption and reduced emission levels. Auto return stop switch and visible fuel level makes the saw..
VT98,536 VT123,170
Ex Tax:VT85,683
GENERATOR Cooper Silent 10kVA 3-Phase Diesel BIL
-20 %
10 KVA GENERATOR, GENSETOVERVIEWThe Cooper Bolt Mini series comes with the liquid cooling system giving it a high performance quotient.The low noises ensure this 10 kVA mini gensets are ideal for homes, clinics, shops etc. With a power rating of 8 KW this makes it one of the best options available i..
VT1,875,020 VT2,343,775
Ex Tax:VT1,630,452
GENERATOR Cooper silent 20kVA 3-Phase Diesel BIL
-20 %
20 KVA GENSETSOVERVIEWThe 20 kVA genset comes with a power rating of 16 KW. The noiseless technology ensures a sublime experience. The 2 cylinders ensures you never have to worry about power cuts.GENSET SPECIFICATIONSPower Rating (kVA)20Power Rating (KW)16Current (Amperes)87/27.8No. of Phase1/3Power..
VT2,131,700 VT2,664,625
Ex Tax:VT1,853,652
GENERATOR Cooper silent 30kVA 3-Phase Diesel BIL
-20 %
30 KVA GENSETSOVERVIEWWith a power rating of 24 KW this 3 cylinder diesel genset comes with high capacity to handle harsh weathers from -25 to 50+ Celsius. With liquid cooling and a fuel-efficient engine these DG are the best option out there.GENSET SPECIFICATIONSPower Rating (kVA)30Power Rating (KW..
VT2,345,908 VT2,932,385
Ex Tax:VT2,039,920
GENERATOR Cooper Silent 40kVA 3-Phase Diesel BIL
-20 %
40 KVA GENSETSOVERVIEWThe 40 kVA gensets are equipped with a high block load capability. The ability to save on fuel and oil costs makes this one of the best-selling unites of the Cooper genset family.GENSET SPECIFICATIONSPower Rating (kVA)40Power Rating (KW)32Current (Amperes)55.6No. of Phase3Power..
VT2,712,084 VT3,390,105
Ex Tax:VT2,358,334
GENERATOR Cooper Silent 50kVA 3-Phase Diesel BIL
-20 %
50 KVA GENSETSOVERVIEWThe compact design and size of the 50 kVA makes it perfect for offices, restaurants and pubs. CE certified the 50 kVA gensets engine ensures you don’t have to worry about performance and stability.GENSET SPECIFICATIONSPower Rating (kVA)50Power Rating (KW)40Current (Amperes)69.6..
VT2,862,060 VT3,577,575
Ex Tax:VT2,488,748
GENERATOR Cooper silent 5kVA 1-Phase Diesel BIL
-20 %
OVERVIEWPresenting the Cooper Bolt Mini, the new efficient, compact and powerful genset from Cooper Corporation.The cooper Bolt mini is small in size but high on performance. It is ideal for homes, clinics shops, offices, workshops, construction and more. Taking care of compliance to emissions norms..
VT585,148 VT731,435
Ex Tax:VT508,824
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