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Brand: RHEEM
If your home is in a temperate or tropical location which is not subject to frost and you have good water chemistry, then the Rheem 52L Series system is ideal. The 52L Series system directly heats the water as it passes through the collectors and then rises back into the storage tank. This proc..
Ex Tax:VT359,604
Brand: RHEEM
The solar water heater shall be Rheem Premier Hiline model 52H300/2SP. The water heater shall operate on the indirect thermosiphon principle whereby a glycol mixture passes through the collectors and jacketed stainless steel cylinder to transfer energy into the potable water contained within the 300..
Ex Tax:VT351,352
Brand: RHEEM
Features:Suitable for temperate or tropical location.Gas or electric boost options - for days when the sun doesn't shine.180L tank capacity is suitable for 1-2 people.Available with 1 x NPT200 or 1 x L or 1 x CSA2007 collector – to “collect” energy from the sun...
Ex Tax:VT254,678
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